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What will the globalizing solar industry look like in 2025?

Which sorts of companies, and which countries, will do what?  Scholar-in-Residence Jeffrey Ball reflects the conclusions of some 20 top executives of solar companies from five countries in Avoiding Sunstroke: Assessing National Competitiveness in the Global Solar Race.

How The States Can Lead

How The States Can Lead

Distinguished Steyer-Taylor Center Fellow Jeff Bingaman and the Honorable George P. Shultz convened respected power industry members to identify the best state-level policies for facilitating the cost-effective deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

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Smart Everything

Jonathan Koomey takes a broad look at the progress of distributed mobile computing and communications in transforming economic activity and resource use in Smart Everything: Will Intelligent Systems Reduce Resource Use?, published in The Annual Review of Environment and Resources.

The Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy & Finance develops and explores economically sensible policy and finance solutions that advance cleaner and more secure energy.

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